Contrec 515-SA01 Site Access Controller

  • Site access controller

Site Access Controller


The NEW 515-SA01 Site Access application belongs to the Load-Pro application family and is designed to be a reliable and practical means to provide secure controlled access to restricted or hazardous sites. Safe and authorized access is the paramount focus of this controller that can operate in integrated or standalone installations.

In standalone mode the entered ID-Code is checked against an internal ‘white’ list, while in the integrated mode the ID-Code is passed via serial communication to a supervisory system to be checked against an external ‘white’ list before access authorization is sent back to the 515-SA01. ID-Codes can be entered as a PIN number via the numeric keyboard or via Touch Keys or RFID cards.

The Site Access instrument with its programmable functions can be used in a number of access applications and has the capacity to accept and record additional information such as Transport Codes and Truck Registrations. All the collected information is stored in internal logs with time, date and instrument information.

The live or logged data can be accessed via Modbus RTU communication protocol

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