Contrec News

DataMod & Contrec, both IoT ready, welcome to the new 1.3.000 software release.

Contrec’s DataMod software package continues to evolve, and like most of Contrec’s development over the years new features have initially been developed for specific customer projects before being added to a general release. The benefit of this is that you know the features have real and genuine purpose and you can have confidence that not […]

New Ethernet Port for the 515 Series

Contrec are delighted to announce that the 515 series Flow Instruments can now be ordered with an optional Ethernet port. Ideal where there is an existing LAN (Local Area Network) or WAN (Wide Area Network) in place, it now simplifies the communication network and avoids the need for an external 3rd party Serial to Ethernet […]

505 Series Instruments now integrated in to popular 515 range

From immediate effect the 505 Series range of instruments will now be integrated in to the popular 515 series.  A number of components used in the manufacture of the Contrec 505 Series instrumentation have become obsolete and so we have taken the decision to migrate the 505 applications to the more advanced 515 platform with […]

Contrec release new DataMod 1.2.000 software now with Inbuilt Modbus TCP/IP protocol plus many more features and benefits!

                         Contrec’s new DataMod release 1.2.000 introduces a host of new features designed to make it even easier for engineers and managers using Contrec 515 instruments, to collect data, generate reports and automatically produce delivery dockets. Since its release in 2017, Contrec’s DataMod software […]

Contrec take part in local Soapbox Race in raising over £6,000 for Overgate Hospice

The Directors and staff from Contrec, Flowquip and Flowhire recently took part in the local Soapbox race held at our Triangle cricket club. The event saw local individuals and businesses designing and building their own vehicle to take part in the race which raised over £6,000 for Overgate hospice. The vehicle (designed and built by […]

The Art of Communication – Modbus

  Our software engineer Eugene Babenko give us the lowdown on addressing issues and provides some guidance when communicating to Contrec’s 212, 505 and 515 Instruments via Modbus protocol.   Contrec customers rarely have issues when connecting their instruments to PLC’s and back office data systems; when configuring Contrec devices our documentation explains simple set […]