Hazardous Area Instrumentation

424 Batch Controller Contrec 424 Batch Control... 424 Batch Controller
process controller Contrec 515 – BC01 ... Frequency or Analog Input Batch Controller, Tailored for Inputs from Volumetric Flow Meters
process controller Contrec 515 – BC03 ... Frequency or Analog Input Batch Controller, Tailored for Inputs from Mass Flow Meters
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Contrec 515-SA01 Site Acc... Site Access Controller

Hazardous Area Instrumentation

Hazardous area instrumentation usually falls into two categories; Intrinsically Safe and Explosion Proof.  Intrinsically Safe (I.S.) utilises certain manufacturing protection methods built into the instrument design to provide energy limitation, therefor taking away the ability for an ignition to take place. 

Most I.S. instruments operate on low power DC supplies for this reason. Explosion Proof (Exd) utilises a containment method for high voltage equipment. Exd enclosures must be able to contain a spark or ignition from electrical equipment, and prevent it from escaping and igniting gases or vapours in the air outside.

Contrec manufacture both Intrinsically Safe (I.S.) and Explosion Proof (Exd) rated equipment.  Our I.S range covers Rate Totalisers, Batch Controllers, Level Monitors and Process Indicators.  They are supplied in weatherproof housings in a range of mounting options and are supplied as battery, DC or Loop Powered.  Our Exd instruments can be powered from either AC or DC sources and have heavy duty push button operation. 

Our range of equipment includes Flow Computers, Batch Controllers and Load Computers.

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