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Hazardous Area Rate Totalisers

Contrec's hazardous area rate totalisers are certified intrinsically safe and provide a reliable and accurate solution for monitoring fluids in hazardous locations. 

Protection from explosion in hazardous environments can be accomplished by either using our explosion proof housing which can contain an explosion inside an enclosure or by installing intrinsically safe instruments which are specially designed to limit the energy potential that could create a spark (explosion).

Each installation must be judged on its own merits, however Intrinsically Safe equipment can provide significant cost savings in installation and maintenance of equipment in a Hazardous area.

Our 200 series instruments are certified intrinsically safe for the use in hazardous areas with approvals to European ATEX/IECEx standards and CSA US/C standards for both the USA and Canada. Applications are wide ranging from remote mine vehicle refuelling to manual batch control into vessels and continuous conveyor belt spraying to aviation fuel skids.

For example, the 202Di.20 Rate Totaliser is ideal where a local indication is required but access to power supplies may be limited. It is battery, loop or DC powered; perfect for installation in remote locations and cost effective to install with no cabling to buy and run. Being intrinsically safe it can be installed in restricted hazardous areas and is designed to operate with turbine, positive displacement and paddlewheel flowmeters. It displays rate, total and accumulated total. 

The 202Di.23 is DC powered with alarms. This instrument will continue to display even if power fails and the alarms will help to protect valuable plant equipment, such as flowmeters and pumps from damage.  Utilising lower power DC voltage is safer for restricted environments. 

For more information on Contrec's Hazardous Area Rate Totalisers, call us on +44 1422 829944 or email sales@contrec.co.uk.