We are Contrec. World leaders in flow instrumentation.

Rate Totalisers

Rate Totalisers are a reliable and accurate, low cost way to monitor important fluid movements.  Used with a suitable flowmeter, they can provide power free indication of instantaneous flow rate, total flow and accumulated total to maximise efficiency and reduce waste. 

Contrec’s range of rate totalisers include the 100 series, a low cost solution while still maintaining Contrec’s reputation as the benchmark for accuracy, quality and performance. 

The Contrec 200 series are certified to the latest hazardous area approvals for intrinsic safety.  Both the 100 and 200 series are now available in our super tough aluminium enclosure to stand up to even the toughest environments. 

Batch Controllers

Batch Controllers are used for the accurate dispensing and measurement of fluids for a variety of industries from food and beverage production to chemical truck loading.

With over 30,000 instruments installed worldwide Contrec Batch Controllers still provide the standard by which our competitors follow.

Contrec’s accurate and reliable batch controllers range from the more simple 400 series ideal for IBC, drum filling and food recipe production, to the 515 series instruments, suitable for more complex batch functions. The flexible hardware allows multiple channels and outputs to be configured, allowing applications such as Additive Injection, Ratio Blending, Temperature and Density corrected batching to be easily configured.

Flow Computers

Flow Computers receive inputs from flow meters along with temperature, pressure and density transmitters. They use this information to calculate corrected volume, mass flow and energy.  These corrected values are often used for auditing and billing purposes, and to ensure optimum performances of, for example, steam boilers, air compressors, fuel refining processes or for transfer between tank farms, bulk vehicles and remote sites.

Our 500 series is the most advanced flexible flow instrument available. Designed specifically for more complex applications including multi-channel Flow Control, Natural Gas, Steam, Condensate, Energy and Petroleum, it is the ideal redundancy instrument and interface to PLC, DCS or SCADA systems.