On Truck Metering

process controller Contrec 515 – BC01 ... Frequency or Analog Input Batch Controller, Tailored for Inputs from Volumetric Flow Meters
Additive Batch Controller Contrec 515-TA02 Dual Cha... Additive Batch Controller
fuel discharge NEW Trac-50 Truck Registe... Truck Loading Register

Truck-Metering Solutions

Contrec offer a wide range of truck metering solutions. We see these trucks and tankers every day, on highways, cities, airports, factories delivering valuable commodities from the supplier or manufacturer to the customer.

They carry a multitude of products from milk and beverage liquor to sewage and every imaginable variety of oil or chemical.  In many cases, there is an on truck metering system fitted to measure the product as it is delivered.  There are several reasons for this, in some instances the on truck metering system acts as the cash register and the product is actually sold based upon the meter reading as the truck is unloaded, in others it is a way to maintain the audit trail when products are moved between locations belonging to the same company.  An on truck metering system can also act as a theft deterrent to drivers ‘riding the ticket’ when they partially unload illegally and then complete the load at the customer location who ends up paying for the whole load. 

Whatever the application, Contrec on truck metering instruments ensure every drop is accounted for.  Our instruments are approved to international metrology standards* when used as part of an approved metering system and can be supplied as either cab mounting (safe area) or trailer mounted hazardous area approved.

For more information on Contrec's on-truck metering solutions, email us at sales@contrec.co.uk or call us on +1422 829944.