Product Mixing

Contrec 515 -BF01 Frequency Input Batch Controller, Tailored for Volumetric Flow Meters
Contrec 515 – BF02 Analogue Input Batch Controller, Tailored for Volumetric Flow Meters
Contrec 515 – BF03 Frequency Input Batch Controller, Tailored for Mass Flow Meters
Contrec 515 – BF04 Analogue Input Batch Controller, Tailored for Mass Flow Meters
steam flow computer Contrec 515 – CB01 Frequency Input Blending Controller - Frequency Flow, DCV Control
Contrec 515 – BS01 Secure Access Batch Controller, Tailored for Inputs from Volumetric Flow Meters

Complete Solutions for Product Mixing

Product mixing is most commonly seen in chemical blending, where recipe blending or continuous coating applications are common. Mixing at the point of use ensures an homogenous mix for a more consistent recipe and omits problems associated with product settlement. In batch applications, several different ingredients can be accurately and simultaneously delivered into a production line to ensure plant efficiency and product quality is maintained. On continuous applications such as conveyor spraying it might be necessary to have two products mixed together and fed onto the conveyor at a precise flowrate to ensure products get exactly the right consistency of coating. This process is commonly used in chemical blending, animal feeds and waste treatment amongst others. Additionally, features like CIP (Cleaning in Place) systems can also be handled by batch controllers to blend the correct water to chemical concentrations to suit the type of cleaning required.

Contrec 515 controllers will allow two independent flow streams to be batched at a specific ratio and will provide instant alarms should there be an issue such as one product stream failing. Contrec batch controllers can also accurately control the flowrate at which products are dispensed. Additionally Contrec offer features such as field/panel/Exd enclosures, operator authorisation using touch key technology, custom ticket printouts, and Modbus RTU & TCP/IP functionality for remote integration to business systems, providing you with a complete process solution.

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