Tanker Loading

Dual Stage Batch Controller Contrec 515 – BS01 Secure Access Batch Controller, Tailored for Inputs from Volumetric Flow Meters
Dual Stage Batch Controller Contrec 515 – BT01 Secure Dual Stage Batch Controller
1010CJ Honeywell Load Com... Intelligent Loading System
Additive Injection Controller Contrec 515 – AC01 Additive Controller for Volumetric Frequency Flowmeters & Stroking Dosing Pumps
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Tanker Loading Solutions

As technology and safety legislation develops the tanker loading industry is gradually converting from top to bottom loading which brings many advantages.  The safety of operators is paramount, so having the ability to get drivers from the top of tankers and down to ground level during loading operations is preferred.  This also reduces the need for expensive high level access stairways and safety harnesses.  Additionally, another important advantage of bottom loading is the ability to load multiple compartments simultaneously which therefor reduces the time the truck spends in the depot and more time out delivering these valuable commodities.

During the tanker loading process it is possible for electrical static to build up, and in the case of bottom loading, for overfilling to occur.  Contrec’s 1010 CJ load computer can monitor these ‘permissive’ safety systems and shut down loading before an incident occurs.

As we move away from fossil fuels, renewable fuels are providing an increasing amount of our energy requirements.  Being able to blend fuels at the loading point reduces the need for tank stock blending and helps homogenous blends during the transportation process.  Additionally, chemical additives are being used in fuels to carry out many functions including marker dyeing, anti-corrosion, performance improvement to name a few.  Contrec load controllers are can be used to work alongside modern additive systems to deliver the correct amount of additive to the fuel being loaded.

Contrec's Preset Load Controllers

Contrec’s range of Preset Load Controllers designed specifically for tanker loading applications form a critical part of the fuel distribution business.  In this demanding environment it is essential to get fuel from terminals and tank farms safely, quickly and accurately onto multi-modal networks including road tankers, barges and rail cars for onward distribution. The Honeywell 1010 CJ Load Computer is designed specifically for loading gantries at petroleum refineries. The 1010, our most powerful and intelligent loading system is capable of simultaneously controlling the load procedure for up to four arms with a standard provision for the tanker loading and unloading of products such as fuels, chemicals, bitumen, asphalt and LPG. 

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