Heating and Cooling Distribution

Net Oil Computer Contrec 515 – HC01 Heat Calculator - Frequency Flow (Volume)
Net Oil Computer Contrec 515 – HC02 Heat Calculator - Analogue Flow (Volume)
Net Oil Computer Contrec 515 – HC03 Heat Calculator - DP Meter (Mass Span)
Net Oil Computer Contrec 515 – HC04 Heat Calculator for stacked DP meters (ISO 5167 and V-Cones)
Net Oil Computer Contrec 515 – HC06 Heat Calculator - DP Meter (Volumetric Span)
Net Oil Computer Contrec 515 – HC12 Heat Calculator - Analogue Flow (Mass)

Heating and Cooling Distribution

Depending on the region, heating and/or cooling systems are installed in industrial and residential buildings to regulate the temperature and provide a comfortable working or living environment for people and also to protect products and commodities with delicate shelf lives. The energy required to provide just the right temperature in large structures can be enormous and by association, very expensive. Additionally, within some buildings (eg residential apartment blocks), there is a requirement to accurately measure energy usage within each apartment so that each user can be billed for their heating or air conditioning consumption.

Contrec BTU Meters/Energy Calculators

Contrec BTU energy calculators are designed to operate in accordance with international metrology standards on accuracy. Working with either pulse or analogue generating flowmeters such as ultrasonic, electromagnetic or traditional mechanical meters, we then input a temperature measurement from both the flow (prior to the consuming unit) and return (after the consumer) lines into the Contrec BTU instruments. From these three measurements we can accurately calculate the volume flow, energy, power, mass and temperatures of the fluid being measured. For some applications, specialist fluids are used in heating/cooling systems as they possess improved thermal properties, for example Glycol as an anti-freeze component, or Therminol® heat transfer fluid for efficiency. Contrec BTU energy calculators can allow for these custom fluid properties to provide precise measurement specific to the process. We have several different models available depending upon the application. Our Model 212 BTU calculator looks the part whether installed in a residential complex or in a boiler house with it’s ergonomically designed weatherproof enclosure. The 515 series BTU models feature many technical advancements including Modbus and Ethernet outputs, and can connect to Contrec’s DataMod software tool which can collate energy data from multiple instruments and provide detailed reports and export data to 3rd party business management systems.

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