500 Series Program Manager

500 series program manager


Please click here to download the latest version of Program Manager (Version 3.2.000)

Contrec’s 500 Series program manager is a Windows based Program which enables application software to be easily configured on a PC before downloading to the instrument. The same instrument can meet the most complex of flow applications without having to replace input and output cards, this is achieved through a unique input and output circuit that is configurable. While configuration is normally performed by a local distributor, to the end-user, this translates into lower cost of ownership due to simplicity of installation, operation and maintenance.

Please be aware that:

1. Default installation directory is now …\500-Series instead of …Contrec\500-Series to compensate for longer default path names under Win 7.
2. Additional PM shortcut is added to ‘Desktop’.
3. After installation, PM must be run in ‘Administrator’ mode – for convenience it can be set by ticking ‘Run As Administrator” box in the shortcut’s Property->Advanced panel.
4. Re-installation requires removal of the previous installation (as opposed to previous package)