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Chemical Dosing

Industrial chemical dosing is typically found in the chemical or medical industries where a small volume of a particular fluid is added to a greater volume of product to create a desired effect. Some examples of chemical dosing applications could be:

• Effluent treatment to neutralise pH
• Corrosion inhibitor to protect pipework and other wetted parts
• Denaturant to prevent consumption of eg solvent based products
• Swimming pool water conditioning
• Chemical injection for plastics industries
• Dye additive for textile manufacturing

You can see from just a few examples the importance of accurate chemical dosing, or the potential ramifications of getting dosing wrong. One way to ensure the dosing of these vital chemicals is by using flow measurement. Flow meters are used in every industry from power generation to food and beverage to ensure maximum efficiency and to reduce costs. The dosing of fluids provides some unique challenges to flowmeter instrument specialists though. In some applications, chemical dosing requires the addition of one fluid (secondary) to another fluid (primary) in order to maintain a certain percentage required for the dosage to work correctly. Now imagine that the primary fluid has an unstable flowrate but you still need to maintain a precise ratio between to two streams this is where Contrec dosing controllers can offer the ideal solution. 

Contrec can provide a dosing controller that will work with virtually any pulse or analogue signal generating flowmeters, not only to accurately measure and display the dosing rate and total, but also be able to accurately control the process to ensure the exact ratio amount is maintained.

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