Contrec 515 – FC03 Mass Flow Totaliser

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Mass Flow Computer

The 515 FC03 application pack is a mass flow totaliser for the measurement of a product using the frequency or analog mass flow signal output from a wide range of flowmeters.

The mass flow totaliser can calculate and display the flow rate, resettable total and the accumulated total for volume and mass, using a live or fixed density for the conversion.

The frequency input is compatible with a wide range of frequency signals, including millivolt signals, reed switches, Namur proximity switches and pulse trains via its smart front-panel program selection.

The analog input can be scaled and have filtering, square law, non-linear correction and cut off points applied to
the signal.

A freely programmable “user value” on the main menu can serve as a setpoint for the 4-20mA output or as an operator identifier to be logged.

Should you require volume frequency or analog, please check out the Contrec 515- FC01 Single Channel Flow Computer.