DataMod & Contrec, both IoT ready, welcome to the new 1.3.000 software release.

Contrec’s DataMod software package continues to evolve, and like most of Contrec’s development over the years new features have initially been developed for specific customer projects before being added to a general release. The benefit of this is that you know the features have real and genuine purpose and you can have confidence that not only are they expertly engineered, but that they have already been properly field tested before being released to the wider market.

In this DataMod release 1.3.000, we offer a host of new features, such as:

• Continued Improved User Interface as we take on feedback and DataMod gets wider uses
• Email Alerts for Auto and Live data collection applications
• Delivery Numbers can now used to specify the range of data collection for Load & Batch applications
• Stored Configuration Records for easy load and re-use to allow data collections from multiple 515 field instruments to be made much faster   and simpler, including with clear feedback when changes are made
• Easy Creation and Management of Configuration Records that hold all the settings to suit each individual field instrument or type of report      required.
• Stored Locations Remembered for CSV files and report templates making file handling faster.
• Further IoT Support and Readiness with refined TCP/IP interface being easier to configure and store separate IP addresses, falling in line       with the release of the new 515 Ethernet option card.

Read below our DataMod Case Study which highlights the benefits of the new software release and shows DataMod and Contrec are both IoT ready.

In this case the real field application involves two 515-LC01 Loading stations on a site where there is no access to any communication networks, their head office is over 3000 km away and needs to get weekly reports of all delivery transactions. Each loading station does approximately 80 deliveries a week to up to 50 different customers. On a Monday each week DataMod which is installed at the head office is used to collect the previous week’s delivery records. DataMod has access to both 515 field instruments as a result of Contrec moving comfortably into the new world of IoT.

These communications are via a combination of a secure and encrypted Virtual Private Network (VPN) on a Contrec managed internet cloud server, through to the cellular network to a 4G field gateway module with its own dedicated IP address. The particular gateway used has an RS485 port to which both 515 instruments are connected with their own Modbus RTU address. A VPN client and certificate (issued by Contrec) is installed on the computer where DataMod software is also installed. DataMod with its built in Modbus TCP/IP protocol has a stored configuration record for each field instrument with all the communication and address settings and custom text etc, specific to each instrument.
(In this project Contrec Systems supplied the IoT solution as a package, including the VPN server and client software and certificates, plus the configured 4G gateway with data subscription and IP addresses.)

When the DataMod operator is ready, they simply start the VPN connection, open DataMod and click to load the stored configuration for the required instrument. Once they establish connection this will show the most recent delivery number and then specify the delivery range required for the week’s report, before clicking again to start collecting.
When collection is complete the operator generates a PDF report with their own custom template and saves the data as a CSV file to integrate into their own inventory and reporting system.

From over 3000 kms away, the customer has a very economical and simple way to get the instrument delivery data and is able to see exactly what loads and volumes occurred and which client they were allocated to.

To see for yourself how easily DataMod can work with the wide range of Contrec 515 applications to help you keep control of your operations, click here to get your 15-Day Fully Functional Free Trial