Tank Level Monitoring

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Tank Level Monitoring

Tank level monitoring is essential for many reasons, financially, storage tanks hold huge value in many different commodities, so accurate tank level monitoring ensures that the audit trail is maintained.

From a security aspect, accurate tank level monitoring can easily highlight any illegal product movements.

Environmentally, abnormal tank stock movement can also be an early indicator that there may be a leak in the tank or in the connecting pipework which could help avoid a costly spill or incident. 

Contrec offer various solutions for tank level measurement applications. Our  LM01 Level Monitor comes with a selection of alarms, which can be assigned to trigger on low level that can prevent sediment or air being drawn into the pipework system causing damage to pumps and other process equipment.  Alternatively a high level alarm can prevent a dangerous overfill of the tank and the associated safety and environmental issue.

Contrec level monitors are designed to operate with level and pressure devices producing 4-20mA signals.  We have versions suitable for use in safe areas, or hazardous environments.  Our level monitors come with linearization, which allows non-traditional tank shapes to be configured and accurately measured.  Contrec provide large LCD displays for local operators to view, and can also output the data to 3rd party software control systems.

Available for a wide range of applications in a variety of industries such as Oil and Gas, Chemical, Food and Water and Waste Water. 

For more information on Contrec's tank level monitoring solutions, email us on sales@contrec.co.uk or call us on +44 1422 829944.