Gate Access

Contrec 515-SA01 Site Acc... Site Access Controller

In the strive for efficiency and flexibility, many sites are required to be operational 24 hours a day, 7 days a week but not necessarily manned during that time.  Contrec’s gate access systems can be utilised by drivers so they can gain authorised access to the site for loading or unloading products.

Drivers are issued with a suitable ‘touch key’ and/or PIN number which they present to the gate access instrument upon arrival at the gate.  The ‘gate access system’ will check that the driver has the necessary clearance, and will then initiate the gate mechanism to open, allowing entry to the site.  Along with the driver’s details, time and date will be logged and saved to a database.  If required, an exit gate controller can be fitted to monitor drivers leaving the site.

Contrec can provide integrated solutions covering authorisation of gate access systems, load controllers and on truck metering to give complete site control.  All data from the instruments are collected by Contrec’s DataMod software tool (or via 3rd party systems if preferred) for full reporting and management analysis.

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