500 Series DataMod Tool

Highly accurate field controllers for critical environments.

This industry provides one of the most diverse and challenging environments for instrumentation to operate in. There are constantly changing demands and the need is to provide solutions that will not only return faultless reliability in the harshest operating conditions, but also deliver the high accuracy and performance expected when measuring valuable commodities.

Contrec has been taking care of oil and gas applications for over 30 years and was one of the first electronic preset controller manufacturers to gain custody transfer approvals for the loading of oil products onto road tankers, rail and barge applications.

The 515 Series is based on an advanced, flexible and reliable hardware platform, while the functionality is determined by software that is specifically tailored to individual applications. With over 50 applications already created and a wealth of available input types, our specialised features such as the ability to linearise the flowmeter in inputs, ensures Contrec continues to help make good flowmeters even better.

Simple data extraction

The Contrec DataMod Tool allows engineers and managers to quickly and easily keep up-to-date with what’s happening in their plant. No need for expensive, customised SCADA packages. DataMod is a one-size-fits-all solution which allows you to extract critical live or logged operating data from your Contrec 515 instruments installed in the field and to generate reports and spreadsheets quickly and easily.

In Batch or Load applications, DataMod can continually monitor the 515 controller and allow managers of single standalone systems to automatically generate and print a default or customised report (Delivery Docket) at the end of a delivery. This becomes a highly economical and efficient way to generate accurate and professional reports on the computer’s existing office printer. For Load applications, Bill of Lading style report templates are provided as part of the standard DataMod install.

In Process Control or Flow Measurement applications, engineers can monitor the flows of liquids, whether it’s steam and gas in the boiler house, fuel loading into tankers or effluent discharge from factories. Key information such as volume, mass, temperature, pressure, density, energy, power can all be accessed and scrutinised to ensure the production process is operating at optimum levels. The data can additionally be used to highlight potential problems on site. For example, where reduction in flow rates could be the result of a failing pump or sticking valve. This information can help save considerable costs in preventing serious equipment failure and lost production.

Key Features

  • Inbuilt Modbus TCP/IP Protocol
  • Collect live or logged data from 515 instruments installed in the field
  • Display collected process data
  • Generate PDF reports
  • Automatically save and print reports for single standalone systems
  • Produce data in CSV format commonly used in 3rd party software
  • Customisable reports (special custom templates also available)
  • Industry standard Modbus RTV communication
  • Simple installation and configuration
  • Software download from Contrec website
  • Security and data integrity
  • Send email alert if live or auto data collecting aborted
  • 15-day FREE TRIAL


  • Single-point Load Controlling (load or unload)
  • HVAC Facility Management (gas, steam, water, waste)
  • Food & Beverage (batch control, ratio blending, dosing)
  • Power Generation (oil, steam, compressed air)
  • Oil & Gas (tanker loading, tank farms, additives, transfer)
  • Marine (engine consumption, bunkering, safety systems)
  • Nuclear (gas, cooling water, steam)
  • Minerals and Mining (refuelling plant equipment, remote site access)

Brochure download

For further information including networking structures and system requirements, please click the links below to download the 500 Series DataMod Tool brochure and userguide.

See the full picture

Managers are often required to produce regular reports on the performance of production facilities. These reports are vital for businesses to help control costs, plan effective production strategy and highlight potential problems. One example might be a steam boiler, installed several years earlier to handle the demand at that time. Over the years, production levels may have increased to such a degree that the boiler is now having to operate beyond its normal capability in order to keep up with demand. This increases the wear and reduces reliability of the boiler and also disproportionally increases the cost of gas supply needed to feed the boiler. Being able to track the steam usage in the plant, and pinpoint peaks and troughs, will allow managers to view the boiler’s performance and make accurate, informed decisions on their capital expenditure.

Variables Data Collection Load Custom Report Template Connection and variables data collection Load from configuration list Collected data display

500 Series DataMod tool download

The DataMod installation software can be downloaded via the link below. The downloaded installation software can be configured as a FULL LICENCE or FREE TRIAL. A Licence Key is required to register the DataMod software as fully functional, unlimited, single computer installation. During the install process the software can be configured as a fully licensed standalone program or as a 15 day, fully functional free trial program. To make an enquiry, request a price or purchase a Licence Key, please use the form below and you will soon be contacted by the appropriate sales office.

Download Installation Software

Note 1: To upgrade from a trial installation to a full licence, either request to update an existing trial version (after paying for the full licence) or first uninstall the trial program and then re-install the DataMod software as a full standalone program using a new full licence key.

Note 2: The DataMod tool is compatible with 515 instruments with software versions starting from 2.9.080 (or 3.0.389 if Load application and auto-collecting is required).

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