Flow Indicators

Field Mounting Rate Totaliser Contrec 102A Flow Rate Totaliser
DC Powered Rate Totaliser Contrec 103D Field Mounted Rate Totaliser - DC Powered
Contrec 104D Field Mounting Rate Totaliser - Loop Powered
Analogue Input Rate Totaliser Contrec 202A Analogue Input Rate Totaliser
Rate Totaliser Contrec 202D Field Mounting Flow Totaliser - Battery, Loop or DC Powered

Flow Indicators and Flow Displays

Contrec digital flow indicators (flow counter) provide an accurate and reliable flow meter display which can monitor flow rates for a wide range of applications. The flow indicator will work with most types of pulse/frequency generating flow meters and will display flow rate, total and accumulated total.

Contrec have a wide range of battery operated, loop powered and DC powered flow instruments for all budgets, these are available in a watertight IP67 polycarbonate enclosure or our new rugged aluminium enclosure to IP67 which gives you the full complement of hazardous area approvals including ATEX, IECEx and CSA standards.

To find out which is best suited for your application contact us on +44 1422 829944 or email sales@contrec.co.uk