Contrec 202D

  • flow totaliser

Field Mounting Flow Totaliser - Battery, Loop or DC Powered

The 202D Field Mounting Flow Rate Totalizer requires no external power and is designed to operate with turbine, positive displacement and paddlewheel flowmeters.

Ideal for applications such as irrigation systems and pipelines, and as a replacement for mechanical registers.


The standard 202D is flow rate totalizer powered by long-life lithium batteries. Alternatively, the 202D can be loop powered via an optional 4-20mA output, or powered from a 9-28 Volts DC supply. For installation in hazardous areas a certified intrinsically safe version is available. The intrinsic safety approvals cover both the 4-20mA output and relay outputs, in addition to the input circuits.


The 202D can be supplied in either a polycarbonate or a rugged aluminium housing. Both options are rated to IP67 (NEMA 4X)

Both options are suitable for wall, pipe mounting or direct flowmeter mounting (Turbine). The polycarbonate version can also be supplied as a panel mount arrangement. 


K-factor, decimal point positions, filter constants and time base are fully user programmable. Rate and Totals can also be displayed in different engineering units such as gallons per minute and barrels.

Contrec’s unique magnet access strip allows the 202D to be re-configured in hazardous areas without opening the enclosure. A great benefit in reducing production shutdown periods and improving maintenance efficiency times. 


The 202D loop powered Flow Rate Totalizer makes an excellent Frequency to Current Convertor, particularly for low frequency inputs from positive displacement or turbine flow meters. Because the 202D calculates the flow rate by measuring the time interval between input pulses it is able to provide a very stable and accurate 4-20mA output for low frequency inputs. 


The 202D features 10-point non-linear correction as standard. Separate K-factors and frequency points can be programmed to compensate for changes in K-factor with flowrates. Non linearity correction is recommended for applications where precise measurements are required and flowmeter calibration certificates are available. 

Note that this option increases the display update rate to 1 second in battery powered versions. 

Intrinsic Safety

The 202D is certified as intrinsically safe to ATEX/IECEx standards, and CSA US/C standards for both the USA and Canada, see specification for details. 


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