Energy Monitoring

Net Oil Computer Contrec 515 – SC03 Steam Flow Computer
Net Oil Computer Contrec 515 – HC01 Heat Calculator - Frequency Flow (Volume)
Net Oil Computer Contrec 515 – HC02 Heat Calculator - Analogue Flow (Volume)
Net Oil Computer Contrec 515 – HC03 Heat Calculator - DP Meter (Mass Span)
Net Oil Computer Contrec 515 – HC04 Heat Calculator for stacked DP meters (ISO 5167 and V-Cones)
Net Oil Computer Contrec 515 – HC06 Heat Calculator - DP Meter (Volumetric Span)
Net Oil Computer Contrec 515 – HC12 Heat Calculator - Analogue Flow (Mass)

Energy Monitoring

The need for accurate energy monitoring in industrial applications has become paramount. Today, the cost of utilities is one of the biggest overheads a company will have to budget for, if this energy is not monitored and controlled properly businesses can find themselves with huge bills for wasted energy. Gas, steam, compressed air, hot and chilled water are all extremely expensive to produce and so there is an ever increasing need for accurate energy monitoring, after all “you can’t manage what you can’t measure”.

Flow measurement plays a pivotal role not just in monitoring the flow of liquids and gases to maximise production processes, but it is increasingly being used as a tool for analysing and forecasting potential maintenance issues on plant equipment such as pumps, valves, filters. It is also essential tool for manufacturers of steam boilers and air compressors to allow them to justify efficiency and therefore offer cost savings which can be achieved by switching suppliers. The areas where energy monitoring is used is endless but below are several examples where Contrec energy products have been installed:

• Steam and condensate metering on boiler systems
• Natural gas distribution on regional networks
• Compressed air monitoring
• Hot water energy in district heating systems
• General gas (Nitrogen, Argon, Carbon Dioxide, Oxygen) measurement
• Power Generation installations
• Biogas production in waste/water industries
• Chilled water energy for building temperature control

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