Open Channel

Net Oil Computer Contrec 515-OC01 Open Channel Flow Computer for Frequency Flow Meter and Analog Level Sensors

Open Channel Flow Computers

Contrec’s range of open channel flow computers is ideal for accurate monitoring the flow of water in open channels. Open channel flow applications are where, instead of the flow being confined to a closed pipe, measurement is required where the water flows through a free surface. Examples could be streams, rivers, sewers or partially full pipes.  This is generally measured by taking the velocity over a cross-sectional area with the depth determined by a level sensor which then gives you the stream flow rate.


Contrec’s open channel flow computers will work in conjunction with these frequency flow meters and analogue level inputs to calculate the true flow rate of the wetted channels. The level input in conjunction with entered dimensional parameters us used to determine the cross-sectional area of the fluid in the channel.


Several regular channels are catered for including: Rectangular, Triangular, Trapezoidal, Circular and Half-Round. Flow can be measured in other channel shapes with a Non-linear selection that allows the level input to represent the actual cross-sectional area of the fluid at various levels.


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