New terminal automation products at StocExpo 2022

It was a long time coming but finally Contrec were able to unveil their new terminal automation products, LoadPro Load Controller and Trac-50 Truck register to the tank storage market. StocExpo returned once again to Rotterdam last month and with Covid restrictions being lifted thousands of industry professionals, including representatives from the likes of Shell and Vopak, as well as key terminals and storage players from over 100 countries worldwide flocked to the Ahoy exhibition centre in Rotterdam.

terminal automation

Contrec’s new terminal automation solutions include LoadPro™ a single arm load controller. Ideally suited to smaller fuel depots and chemical plants, LoadPro™ provides a safe and accurate solution for loading fuels, chemicals and any fluids into tankers. Easily integrated with Datamod™ Contrec’s own simple to use reporting software or with most commercial TAS systems, the full alpha numeric keyboard has  capabilities of Dual Stage, Digital Valve, and Analogue Valve Control for the reliable and accurate delivery of preset quantities.

For off-truck metering, Contrec’s new advanced Truck Register, Trac-50 ensures every drop is accounted for when delivering your valuable assets. Our instruments are approved to international metrology standards when used as part of an approved metering system and can be supplied as cab/field mounting (safe area) or trailer mounted where hazardous area approvals are required. Our new Trac–50 is an intelligent off-loading controller for the safe and accurate discharge of chemicals, fuels and other liquids from trucks, railcars, barges and portable metering trolleys. Superseding the popular Trac-40, the new model comes with a host of new features and communication options, to make off-loading of these expensive commodities safe, secure and fully traceable.

In addition to this Contrec offer a range of solutions for blending/additive control – the 515-BR and 515-CB applications offer secure blending flow control designed to measure the volume flow in a main and process line using frequency flow inputs to determine the net volume flow. The operator can easily view and change the batch values of totals as well as the ratio of flow rates. The flow rate, deadband and control responsiveness can be adjusted to reduce wear on valves and plant. For additive dosing Contrec’s 515-TA01/02 Dual Channel On-Truck Additive Batch Controllers are designed to allow an operator (driver) to pre-dose the appropriate amount of either of two additives into tanker compartments in accordance with the Load schedule. Operating either from the control room or in the hazardous area at the point of loading, our flow controllers ensure you get the correct blend in every compartment, on every truck, every time. For more information on our terminal automation solutions for additive and blending control click here


Craig Naylor, Contrec’s Sales Director said“Contrec have a long history of producing high quality dependable loading and unloading controllers, and we were delighted to reconnect with the petroleum and chemical storage, terminal and distribution industries by releasing our LoadPro™ and Trac-50 instruments at StocExpo in Rotterdam recently.  The exhibition was a great way to announce our return into these markets and show our latest product ranges.  In a constantly changing industry it was fantastic to meet so many new people on the stand with exciting applications as the world looks to develop it’s renewal strategies and carbon neutrality. It also gave us a great opportunity to catch up with so many familiar faces, and we came away from the show delighted with the reception our new instruments received and excited about the future with Contrec continuing to be an important player in the loading automation business for many years to come”

For more information on Contrec’s terminal automation solutions, call us on +44 1422 829944 or email