Contrec release new DataMod 1.2.000 software now with Inbuilt Modbus TCP/IP protocol plus many more features and benefits!


Contrec’s new DataMod release 1.2.000 introduces a host of new features designed to make it even easier for engineers and managers using Contrec 515 instruments, to collect data, generate reports and automatically produce delivery dockets.

Since its release in 2017, Contrec’s DataMod software has been helping engineers and managers quickly and easily view and record what’s happening in their plant. No need for expensive customised SCADA packages, Contrec’s DataMod software tool has proved itself to be a one-size-fits-all solution allowing you to extract critical live or logged operating data from your Contrec 515 instruments installed in the field and to generate reports and spreadsheets quickly and easily.

Giving you much more

The latest DataMod 1.2.000 release sees additions such as Inbuilt Modbus TCP/IP protocol giving engineers the ability to connect via TCP/IP protocol without using third party software, making the process of configuration, connection and communication with remote instruments via Ethernet so much simpler.

Another great new feature relates to 515 Batch and Load applications, as DataMod can now continually monitor the 515 controller and allow managers of standalone systems to automatically generate and print a default or customised report (Delivery Docket or Bill of Lading) at the end of a delivery. This becomes a highly economical and efficient way to generate accurate and professional reports, with the convenient option of printing automatically on the computer’s existing office printer.

For a full list of the additional features and benefits that DataMod 1.2.000 has to offer please see below:

  • Collect Live Data – Applicable to General applications, DataMod now allows time-based data to be collected directly from a 515 Flow Computer/Controller on significantly smaller time periods than the 515’s internal hourly logging and can be set to collect up to 500 logs for a single report.
  • Auto Collect Data – Applicable to Load and Batch applications, DataMod now allows delivery data to be automatically collected directly from a 515 Load or Batch Controller. DataMod monitors the 515 controller to collect the data automatically as soon as a delivery is complete. The Rollover number (max 500) sets the number of deliveries to be included in the one report.
  • Auto Save Reports – Applicable to any setup using the Rollover number. Whenever a rollover occurs a report is saved in PDF and CSV format. This allows DataMod to operate unmanned or remotely, generating reports and saving them in the designated folder for later access.
  • Auto Print Reports – Applicable to any setup using Auto Save Reports this now allows DataMod to automatically print a Report to the host computers default office printer. In Load applications this provides a neat way for a driver/operator to collect the Delivery Docket directly from the control office or gate house printer without any interaction with the office computer or the DataMod program.
  • BOL Style Report Templates – Applicable to LP or LC Load applications, using the Load Template feature, a ‘free of charge’ default Bill of Lading style template can be selected to provide a very professional report with the minimum fuss. Your Contrec Service Centre can be contacted to have this template further tailored for a specific customer’s needs with company name, logo and product details etc.
  • View Last Auto Report – Applicable to any setup using the rollover number, this allows an operator to get quick access to the last delivery (BOL in loading applications) to view or get an additional printout.
  • Streamlining Setup and Smarter User Interface
    – Refined “Data Collection Options” & “Modbus Setup” screens to make initial configuration easier.
    – On initial comms ‘Connection’ with the instrument, DataMod prompts the operator to start collection (alerting the user to either start       collecting data or pause to adjust customizable tags)
    – Customizable Unit Tags included into reports.
    – Detection of 515 unit application type (Load/Batch/General) & informing about mismatching.
  • Inbuilt Modbus TCP/IP protocol -There is now the ability to connect via TCP/IP protocol without using third party software, making the process of configuration, connection and communication with remote instruments via Ethernet so much simpler. Ethernet connection can be via direct cable, Intranet (LAN) or Internet (Wired or Wireless 3G/4G). The use of TCP/IP communications to remote instruments, now gives the ability for the data in a 515 Flow Computer or Controller to be accessed by DataMod from almost anywhere in the world.
    (Note: Current 515 instruments will require an external Serial to TCP/IP device, however, Contrec will soon release a 515 option card with its own Ethernet connection.)


To see for yourself how easily DataMod can work with the wide range of Contrec 515 applications to help you keep control of your plant, click here to get your 15-Day Fully Functional Free Trial