Contrec 103D

  • DC powered rate totaliser

Field Mounted Rate Totaliser - DC Powered

The 103D DC Powered Rate Totaliser requires no external power and is designed to operate with turbine, positive displacement and paddlewheel flowmeters.

Ideal for applications such as irrigation systems and pipelines, and as a replacement for mechanical registers.

It is a high accuracy rate totaliser designed to work with digital output flow meters. Having an IP67 weatherproof case, tactile keyboard and various mounting options, makes it a very versatile unit. 

DC Powered

The 103D is powered from a 9-28 Volts DC supply. For installation in hazardous areas a  certified intrinsically safe version is available (Please see Model 202D)

The DC powered rate totaliser version will operate from an external power source between 9 and 28 Volts and draws no more than 4mA. This enables the 103D to be powered from AC mains adaptors and eliminates the need to run mains voltages in the field. Lithium batteries provide totaliser and programming retention if the DC power supply is interrupted.

The 103D DC Powered Rate Totaliser is housed in a rugged, yet attractive IP67 (NEMA 4X) polycarbonate enclosure which is completely watertight. A wall mounting bracket (no gland holes) is supplied as standard, while panel and pipe mounting brackets are available as options. 

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