Contrec 515-TA02 Dual Channel On-Truck Additive Batch Controller

  • Additive batch controller

Additive Batch Controller

The Contrec 515-TA02 Dual Channel On-Truck Additive Batch Controller is designed to allow an operator (driver) to pre-dose the appropriate amount of either of two additives into tanker compartments in accordance with the Load schedule. The amount to be dosed is calculated from an entered fuel load quantity and a selected Product Code that is linked to an internal PPM dosing table.

Each channel (LINE) on the controller can accept a single frequency input from a volumetric flowmeter and has its own dual stage batch control functions. The 515-TA02 has a highly configurable start sequence that can guide even the most inexperienced operators through the dosing process. Prompts for ID Authorisation, a Permissive and a Job Number can all be enabled or disabled to suit the application. The controller can also be programmed to raise and record errors such as Emergency Stop, No-Flow, Overflow and Leakage.

The 515-TA02 controller’s Load sequence allows the required additive pre-dosing to be carried out compartment by compartment and for each compartment number to be entered in line with a master loading schedule.

The controller has a convenient MANUAL batch feature to allow a driver to ensure the additive metering system is free of air, to adjust/correct any interrupted or off-spec compartment and to assist with commissioning or calibration of the flowmeter. The batching function has fast response and programmable Overrun Compensation Value that allows any closing/stopping delay of a valve/pump to be accounted for and ensure the additive batches are as accurate as possible.

All batch and transaction volumes and data (including any Manual batches) are logged and available for local printing or for data collection via Modbus. The pre-entered fuel Load Qty can be viewed with the SET key while in idle mode and the calculated Additive Preset target can be viewed while holding the SET key during a batch.

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