Contrec IP66 Weatherproof Enclosure

  • IP66 Enclosure

Field Mounting Enclosure

Field Mounting Enclosure

All our Contrec 424 and 515 instruments are now available in our purpose-built IP66/Type 4X enclosure. 

The IP66/Type 4X takes up a very small installation footprint whilst still allowing both large, easy-to-read displays and gloved operator sized buttons to be utilised.  The unique ‘swing out’ internal cradle and plug off terminal connectors ensures wiring all the inputs and outputs are done quickly and easily.

What protection does IP66 offer? 

Level 6 Dust Protection: The highest level of dust-tight protection, with no ingress of dust whatsoever permitted.

Level 6 Water Protection: The third-highest level of water protection, with no ingress from precipitation or hose-directed washdowns permitted.

Whether its flow computing, batch control, additive control, Contrec have an IP66 rated instrument for you and with thousands of instruments installed worldwide, Contrec provide accurate and reliable batch and flow solutions you can count on.