Contrec 430D

Frequency Input, Numeric Keyboard Batch Controller

The 430D Batch Controller is suited to applications where precise measurement and control of variable batch quantities is required.

The instrument is extremely flexible and easy to operate. Batches can be started, paused, stopped and reset via four operational keys and batch quantities and calibration parameters are entered via a 12 key numeric keypad.

Batch Total, Flow Rate, Accumulated Total and Preset Value can all be displayed in engineering units on the green LED display.

The 430D will accept most frequency and pulse signals, including mV outputs from turbine flowmeters, and two-wire proximity switch outputs.

Batch Features

Automatic Overrun Compensation Based on previous batches, the 430D will automatically compensate for any overrun which may be caused by slow closing valves.


An RS232 and RS422/485 option is available for interfacing to computers and printers. The interface allows the Batch Controller to be fully controlled from a computer.

Software drivers are included for a number of printers and can print a ticket with time and date, a sequential delivery/batch number and the batch and accumulated totals. An optional header for the ticket can also be printed.


The 430D can be configured during calibration to operate as a Rate Totaliser as distinct from a batch controller.

In this mode the RUN, STOP and Batch Set keys perform no function. The Rate key is used to toggle the display between Rate and Resettable Total.

By pressing and holding the Accum. key, whenever the instrument is not in data entry mode, the Accumulated Total will be displayed.


The instrument will operate from 14 to 28V dc or from 110 to 220V ac mains.

The facia is fully watertight to Nema 4X (IP65) and is resistant to most chemicals.

A total conversion feature enables the rate to be displayed in one engineering unit (eg. gallons/minute) and the totals to be displayed in another engineering unit (eg. barrels).

The standard instrument is supplied as panel mount. Field enclosures are optionally available.


Keypad operations are straightforward and four LED’s indicate the operational status at all times.

The unique keypad simplifies operation, making the instrument suited to use by operators with minimal training.

Four operational keys and a full numeric keypad on the front facia, enable the batch quantity to be set, and batch operations to be started, paused, stopped or reset.


To set a batch quantity, the Batch Set key is pressed, and then the quantity is entered via the numeric keys. Once set, the Batch Set key is again pressed to return to Run mode.

The batch quantity can only be set while the instrument is in a non- operational state such as when the batch is complete or paused.

Once set, the batch quantity will be retained in non-volatile memory and will not alter until changed by the user.

To check the batch quantity while a batch is in progess press the Batch Set key.


To start the batch the RUN key is pressed. The Run LED will light and the instrument will begin to totalise from zero or, if programmed for the count down mode, the display will decrement from the batch quantity.


The batch can be stopped at any time by pressing the STOP key. To continue the batch press the RUN key, or to abort the batch press the STOP key again.

When the batch has been interrupted the Pause LED will light. If the batch is aborted the Stop LED will light.


The instrument can be programmed to reset in either of two ways.

By manually pressing the Reset key, at the end of a batch, the Batch Total will be reset to zero (if programmed to count up) or to the preset quantity (if programmed to count down).

If Auto Reset is programmed, however, the Batch Total will automatically reset when the RUN key is pressed.

One or two stage valve control

Two output relays provide control for single or dual stage valve operation. The first relay will energise at the start of the batch, and de-energise when the batch is complete.

The second relay can be programmed to energise at a set time after the start, and to de- energise at a set quantity prior to completion of the batch. This feature enables a slow startup and slow shutdown of the flow.

The Batch Controller can also be programmed to count up from zero or down from the batch quantity.