Contrec 515 – GC04

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Ideal Gas Computer - DP Meter (ISO/Cone)

The 515 GC04 application measures the volume, corrected volume and mass of a general gas. The instrument uses single of stacked differential pressure meters such as orifice plates, nozzles, venturi tubes or V-Cones as well as temperature and pressure sensor inputs.

The instrument calculates the flow according to the differential pressure equations for the ISO 5167 or V-Cone meters. The flow calculations incorporate the conditions at which the flowmeter was calibrated and accurately account for thermal expansion effects.

The properties of a gas are calculated using common industry standard equations of state. These equations use a simplified set of parameters to quickly and accurately determine the value of compressibility and actual quantity of gas.


A variety of calculations are available to suit the nature of the gas and the measurement conditions. The calculations are valid for the vapour phase of gas.

Equations of state:

Ideal Gas