Contrec 515 – SC05 Steam Computer - DP Meter (AGA - 3)
Gas and Steam Flow Computer Contrec – 415 Frequency Input Gas and Steam Computer (Optional EXD)
Contrec 515 – SC03 Steam Flow Computer
Contrec 515 – SC01 ... Frequency Input Steam Computer
Contrec 515 – SC04 Steam Computer - DP Meter (ISO/Cone)
Contrec 515 – SC06 Steam Computer - DP Meter (Volumetric)
Contrec 515 – SC02 ... Analogue Input Steam Computer
NEW! Contrec 515 – CS02 Condensate and Steam Flow Computer
Contrec 515-CS12 Condensate and Steam Flow Computer

Steam is used in many different industries in a number of ways. It can be used directly in sterilisation and humidification, or indirectly as a medium for process and space heating, to which it is ideally suited due to its controllability. Food processing, beverage production and brewing all use steam, as do many pharmaceutical and petrochemical processes.

By using the latest technology it is possible to measure steam mass and steam energy, as well as temperature and pressure. For example, Contrec’s 515 SC04 steam flow computer measures the volume, mass and energy content of steam by using single or stacked differential pressure flow inputs in conjunction with temperature and pressure inputs.

Contrec’s 515 SC04 has a selection of various modes that make it suitable for many steam applications, allowing businesses to monitor their steam usage, and in so doing their energy consumption.