Contrec 515-CS12

  • Net Oil Computer

Condensate and Steam Flow Computer

The 515 CS12 Condensate and Steam Flow Computer accurately accounts for returning condensate energy when calculating the net energy in a closed ‘steam to condensate’ system. The volume, mass and energy content of steam and condensate lines are calculated by using an analog volume flowmeter installed in the condensate line, in conjunction with a temperature and/or pressure inputs.

The energy calculations are based on the measurements, taken at the same point in time, from the sensors in the steam and condensate lines. A selection of modes makes it suitable for a range of steam to condensate applications.

The instrument calculates the mass flow and energy according to the IAPWS Industrial Formulation (1997) for the thermodynamic properties of steam. The equations use the pressure and temperature values to determine the specific volume and the specific enthalpy.