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Contrec staff raise over £3000 for the Alzheimers Society

Last Saturday Contrec’s Marketing Manager Lucy Wood took on the arduous 25 mile Yorkshire three peaks challenge to raise money for the Alzheimer’s Society, the UK’s leading dementia charity.  Despite the high winds and rain and hail on the day (and one injured party!) Lucy, Jo and Kim, climbed Ingleborough, Whernside and Pen Y Ghent […]

The Art of Communication – Modbus

  Our software engineer Eugene Babenko give us the lowdown on addressing issues and provides some guidance when communicating to Contrec’s 212, 505 and 515 Instruments via Modbus protocol.   Contrec customers rarely have issues when connecting their instruments to PLC’s and back office data systems; when configuring Contrec devices our documentation explains simple set […]

Product Focus – Batch Controllers

  What are Batch Controllers? Batch Controllers are used for the accurate dispensing and measurement of fluids for a variety of industries from food and beverage to truck loading.  Contrec’s accurate and reliable batch controllers range from the 400 series ideal for Intermediate Bulk Containers (IBC), drum and container filling and food processing to the […]

10/06/17 – Keeping cool in the heat of the desert

Heat, shimmering, stifling, suffocating heat; that may be one of the first things that springs to mind when you think about the oil-rich countries of the Middle East, such as Qatar, Abu Dhabi and Saudi Arabia. The next thought may well be wealth, which has fuelled very fast and extensive development. Heat and wealth have […]

10/06/17 – Flexibility covers all climates

People function at their best when they are comfortable, at work, when shopping and at home. But finding a comfortable temperature to suit everyone is not always easy, especially when the outside temperature can vary widely. Heating and air-conditioning systems are used around the world to help create the optimum working and living environment, but […]

10/06/17 – Pigs clean and protect pipelines on the North West Shelf

The North West Shelf Project is Australia’s largest resource development. Owned by an international consortium of six partners it is a major producer of liquefied natural gas (LNG), natural gas, liquid petroleum gas, condensate, which is a light crude oil, and crude oil. It has supplied Australia’s domestic market since 1984, supplying 65% of Western […]

10/06/17 – Monitoring compressed air is vital to increase energy efficiency

Compressed air uses more electricity than any other type of equipment in a production plant. It can account for 20% of a company’s overall energy costs. This is not surprising considering the myriad of uses it has in many manufacturing processes and the number of compressors that may be used in a large compressor system. […]

The benefits of monitoring compressed air

Compressed air is used in many manufacturing processes for many different reasons, from the actuation and control of pneumatic valves and cylinders to the operation of process machinery and tooling. It can also be used as a transport medium for bulk materials or as a purge gas. For all its uses it is nonetheless expensive. […]

Safety on Tanks

There are many types of storage tanks, each with particular design and manufacture specifications depending on the type of liquid or gas to be contained. Safety is paramount. Failure to ensure the highest safety standards can have disastrous results for employees working in close proximity to the tank, for people and property further afield and […]