Flow Meter Displays

Net Oil Computer 515 – FC01 Single C... Flow Computer

Flowmeters are used in virtually all aspects of life and we get the benefit from them every day, from monitoring our utility usage at home, producing most of the food and drink we consume, fuelling our cars, to making the ‘ processor chips’ used in our mobile phones and laptops, a flowmeter will have been involved at some stage in all these processes. To the people who work in all these industries, a flowmeter display is vital in enabling them to do their jobs for a variety of reasons. On a pipework layout, a flowmeter may need to be installed underground or high up in the factory roof space, so having a display at ground level is much safer and easier for operators to see. Some flowmeters are ‘blind’ (do not have a display), and transmit a signal back to a control room, but having a local display is an ideal redundancy solution to keep the installation working even if communications with the control room is lost. Some flowmeters need to operate in ‘Hazardous Areas’ such a petroleum depot’s or chemical plants, and because of this, the operator needs to remain close by in case of an alarm or emergency. A flowmeter display with the necessary safety approvals provides easy to see visibility at the critical point.

Contrec’s 100 series range of flow meter displays provide an economical yet highly accurate solution to monitor your flow rates/processes. Our 102D is designed to operate with any pulse/frequency generating flow meter. Some models feature high or low alarms and retransmission outputs, they can be powered externally or locally. Flow rates and totals can be displayed in different engineering units. Should you require analogue input, our 102A is ideal for your application.
Contrec 202 series, provide a similar solution for ATEX applications. All models are available in either a aluminium or polycarbonate enclosure with a variety of different mounting options, but all environmentally protected to IP67 (NEMA 4X).