Flow Rate Totalisers

Contrec Flow Rate Totalisers


Rate totalisers are a reliable and accurate low cost way to monitor important fluid movements.  Used with suitable flowmeters, they can provide power free indication of instantaneous flow rate, total flow and accumulated total to maximise efficiency and reduce waste.

Contrec’s range of rate totalisers includes the 200 series, all intrinsically safe for use in hazardous areas, and the 100 series, an economical, yet highly accurate solution, for non hazardous applications. Both deliver the quality and performance Contrec customers require and expect.

Units in the Contrec 200 series are certified intrinsically safe for the use in hazardous areas with approvals to European ATEX/IECEx standards and CSA US/C standards for both the USA and Canada. Applications are wide ranging from remote mine vehicle refuelling to manual batch control into vessels and continuous conveyor belt spraying to aviation fuel skids.

For example, the 202Di.20 Rate Totaliser is ideal where a local indication is required but access to power supplies may be limited. It is battery, loop or DC powered; perfect for installation in remote locations and cost effective to install with no cabling to buy and run. Being intrinsically safe it can be installed in restricted hazardous areas and is designed to operate with turbine, positive displacement and paddlewheel flowmeters. It displays rate, total and accumulated total. The 102D is the low cost version designed for use in non hazardous applications.

The 202Di.23 is DC powered with alarms. This instrument will continue to display even if power fails and the alarms will help to protect valuable plant equipment, such as flowmeters and pumps from damage.  Utilising lower power DC voltage is safer for restricted environments. For non hazardous applications the 103D is ideal.

For loop powered instruments with alarms and 4-20mA output the 202Di.24 acts as an accurate D/A convertor (Digital to Analogue). This instrument facilitates a local indication whilst transmitting data remotely (SCADA/DCS) and will continue to display even if the loop power supply fails. The 104D is the non hazardous version.

Units in both series are for use in field applications. They have robust weatherproof IP67 cases and feature simple programming, large display and input linearization for increased accuracy. In the 100 series the 102A, 102D, 103D and 104D rate totalisers are fully programmable and designed to operate with virtually any pulse/frequency generating flowmeters.

For example, the 103D is a DC Powered Rate Totaliser designed to operate with turbine, positive displacement and paddlewheel flowmeters in applications such as irrigation systems and pipelines and as a replacement for mechanical registers. This DC powered unit will operate from an external power source between 9 and 28 volts and draws no more than 4mA. This enables the 103D to be powered from AC mains adaptors and eliminates the need to run main voltages in the field. This Field Mounting Rate Totaliser is also available as a certified intrinsically safe version for installation in hazardous areas. Please see Model 202D.

Both the 100 and 200 series are now available in our super tough aluminium enclosure to stand up to even the toughest environments. These units have been proven in thousands of field installations throughout the world.