Yokogawa choose Contrec Instruments to calculate total energy in power plant

Yokogawa whose global network of 88 companies spans 55 countries, recently contacted Contrec to provide an instrumentation solution to integrate into a system needed to measure the total energy used in a power plant.

The project aim was to calculate the total heat and energy of two flows of warm water in a heat network of a power plant in Ghent, Belgium.

Yokogawa used two flow meters with DP flow technology along with compact orifice plates which were installed in both pipes. Both values are then sent to the 515-FA01 flow computer which adds the two flows together and sends the total flow to the Contrec 212 heat calculator. The 212 heat calculator in turn calculates the total energy by combining the flow input and the temperature input from two PT100 temperature measurements. The total energy value is sent back to the DCS.

The 515-FA01 flow computer and 212 heat calculator are high accuracy instruments specifically designed for demanding flow applications, combined with the flow and temperature measurements allowed Yokogawa to provide a complete and integrated solution to their end user. All instruments were calibrated and configured in the factory allowing minimal commissioning cost for the end user and a smooth inspection of the notified body on site.

Instrumentation Manager Dominiek Vanthuyne from Yokogawa Belgium added “We have been using Contrec flow instrumentation for many years in different projects. Their complementary product portfolio and excellent application knowledge is an important added value to our daily business”