UK company Weber Sensors rely on the Contrec 202A for accurate air and water measurement

Weber sensors have recently purchased Contrec’s 202A Rate Totaliser in conjunction with their analogue meters for air or water measurement.

Typical application areas are clean room or laboratory environments for monitoring air intake/ extraction to maintain environmental control conditions used in conjunction with the  vent captor 3205.30 air flow meter.

Weber UK’s Sales Director, Gary Livingstone said “Typically we are monitoring filtered air, the 202A gives local indication of precise extraction rates so air balance can be maintained.  For extraction the totalised flow volume can be used to start or end safe handling procedures when working with hazardous gases/vapour”

In the water industry they use the 202A in conjunction with their analogue flow captor to measure water measurement in the back flush cycle in activated carbon purifiers.  The carbon filters enter a back flush cleaning cycle, the volume of water required to clean the filter is dependent on the filter size.  Once the back flush is complete the filter is brought back online and the purification system initiated.

Weber also have used the 202A on some special bespoke applications, however the two above are the most common.

Examples of special applications include monitoring grout cement used on concrete tunnel lining.  Monitoring of agricultural silo spreading volume per/hectare both applications were in conjunction with their 4115.30 analogue flow captor.

Gary continued “The major advantage of the 202a is the versatility and ease of installation. For a local display it offers a wide range of engineering units (rate and total) is easy to programme with good visual control it can be wall or pipe mounted to suit operational requirement.”