Contrec’s 515-LC01 was the perfect solution for product distribution at a large restaurant complex

dispensing system

The Application.

Contrec’s Australian Service Centre, Contrec Systems P/L based in Melbourne Australia were recently approached by a systems integrator to assist with a project to implement a secure dispensing system for a large restaurant complex.

The liquid product used by many restaurants and cafes within a large complex was traditionally supplied and handled in disposable cartons. Access to cartons for each restaurants personnel relied on supervision and warehouse management.  Consumed inventory needed to be allocated and charged to each restaurant. The management wanted to reduce costs, reduce the volume of waste from disposable cartons, allow each restaurant to be able to access product when they needed it and have greater confidence over inventory control and allocation/billing to each business unit.

The Dispensing System.

Tanks designed to hold bulk product (making it more cost effective) were installed in a secure warehouse area. Contrec were required to create a dispensing system and special mini tank trolleys designed to safely move the product.  A Contrec 515-LC01 Batch Controller with pin number authorisation and Delivery Data logging/access were installed which were able to operate in a Preset Quantity Batching or On-Off Delivery mode.  As well as internally logging each delivery and making it available via Modbus on an RS485 port, the 515 Controller was setup to generate a local delivery docket on a panel mounted printer via the RS232 port.

  • Contrec’s  simple to use 500 Series Program Manager software was used to tailor the Batch Controller by customising the operator prompts, setting authorisation, entering a list of selectable business unit names (Store Codes), configuring of custom printer docket and the configuring fail safes to allow for secure unsupervised dispensing of product.                                                                                              
  • The cost effective 500 Series DataMod Tool (a Windows computer based Modbus data collection program) was used to access data by either collecting a block of previously logged records or remaining online to auto collect a record and automatically generate a PDF or CSV report.

The Operation.

In a large complex that operates 24 hrs a day, staff from each business unit are now able to access the liquid product at a time that suits them.  The unmanned dispensing station, setup for On-Off Delivery mode with a hand nozzle and mobile trolleys, is simple to use for any operator with a valid ID-PIN authorisation code… following the basic procedure:

  • The trolley is docked and a hand operated hose/nozzle is fixed in position (a possible permissive).
  • The RUN key is pressed which initiates the START SEQUENCE of the 515 Controller.
  • The operator is prompted for a valid ID-PIN and to scroll to their business unit from the pre-entered list.
  • The controller checks for permissive inputs to indicate sufficient product is in the tanks and the nozzle is in position.
  • The operator is prompted to “PRESS RUN TO START”
  • The controller activates the valves/pumps to pressurise the line.
  • The operator then uses the hand trigger nozzle to dispense the volume of product required.
  • When finished dispensing the nozzle and hose is hung up and the operator presses the STOP key to deactivate the pumps/valves and end the delivery.
  • The delivery transaction data (including Time/Date, operator ID, Store Code and product volume) is recorded internally by the 515 Controller and delivery docket is automatically generated for the business unit. Duplicate dockets are also easily generated.
  • The operator is then able to take the product in the trolley safely back to the business unit.
  • If online, the delivery record is then automatically collected via the 500 Series DataMod Tool to be integrated into the complex’s inventory management and billing system.


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