Contrec 212 Heat Calculators used for Energy Monitoring in London

energy monitoring

When Contrec’s UK distributor Flowquip Ltd were approached by a facilities management company in London to provide a solution for energy monitoring in both heating and cooling systems, Flowquip were able to offer a permanent solution using Contrec 212 Heat Calculators and temperature probes fitted to existing Krohne Magnetic flow meters. The Model 212 Heat Calculator is designed to measure the energy consumed in both heating and cooling (air conditioning) systems. The instrument is normally supplied complete with temperature probes and a DC power supply. The 212 will interface to a wide variety of flowmeters, including positive displacement and inferential water meters, magnetic flowmeters with pulse outputs, turbine flowmeters and paddlewheel flowmeters. The Model 212 measures the temperature in the feed and return flow lines and uses this information to calculate the density and enthalpy of water. By also measuring the volume of water flowing on the system, the Model 212 will then determine the energy used. Modbus communication is a standard feature of the 212 and 4-20mA outputcan be offered as an extra option.

For more information on flow meters for energy monitoring, visit Flowquip’s website