Contrec 425 Flow Computer and Software provide added benefit to Sikama’s SikaDel 2 Adblue delivery and reporting system


SikaDel 2 

Euro6 emissions regulations and Selective Catalytic Reduction (SCR) technology mean AdBlue usage is increasing rapidly. And that’s why in the last few years, Swedish based flow equipment suppliers Sikama AB have seen a rise in demand for their SikaDel 2 system, an accurate measurement and reporting system on tank trucks delivering AdBlue to customers.

Until now Sikama had been struggling to create an automated delivery note for the customer, they needed a flow computer and software that would allow the customer to print their own docket showing loading product total and accumulated total, but the existing electronics didn’t have the functionality to provide printing. Using Contrec’s 425 Flow Computer and the bespoke software Contrec created for them, the Sikama SikaDel system now allows the customer to create loads easily, select quantities and create and print a customised delivery note for the customer.

The SikaDel 2 system consists of a 2” Magnetic Flow meter (MAG Meter) with PTFE lining. The meter is measuring the AdBlue flow from the tank truck when delivering the product to the customer. A pulse signal is sent from the flow meter to an electronic box which now incorporates the Contrec 425 Flow Computer which is constantly accurately calculating the delivered volume. When the delivery is finished, the truck driver presses the “print button” and a delivery note is printed on a ticket printer that is placed inside the truck cab.

Jonas Brynne, Sikama’s Product Manager said “Upgrading SikaDel 2 with Contrec’s 425 flow computer has been a major addition to our AdBlue system, especially with the presentation of a delivery note, now we are now able to customise it and print the name of the system (SikaDel 2 Leveransrapportering), company name (truck owner), truck number, media (AdBlue), delivery number, time and date, delivery total and accumulated. total. Contrec always continue to be a good reliable supplier with fast deliveries.”

For more information on Sikama’s SikaDel System, Visit their website