Contrec 515 Batching system is a huge hit with Frozen Yoghurt production operators

batching system

Batching System

Contrec Australia were recently invited back to re-install an existing 515 batching system after a well-known frozen yoghurt company were bought out by another company.

The 515-BF01 with VSD flow control was installed originally back in 2015 to provide precise measurement of Gourmet Pot Set and frozen yoghurt. The 515-BF01 was the instrument specifically requested by the customer for its precision, reliability and ease of use.

A critical part of this take over deal was that the set up of the existing batching system was included.

OTHER Available Features of the batching system include:

  • Internal logging of the last 1000 batches
  • RS232 and RS485 ports available for access to logged data or easy collection and reporting using the Contrec 500-DataMod software.
  • Communications and protocol for local label printer.

Other components used in the batching system include:

  • 1” Rosemount Sanitary Mag meter
  • 1” Keystone Sanitary Butterfly pneumatic valve
  • 1” OMAC Sanitary Tri Lobe pump
  • 3 Phase WEG VSD controller
  • Rolair JC10 Ultra-Quiet Air Compressor

Paul Chaston of Contrec Australia said, “The install gave us a great opportunity to revisit the the system and see how well it was working 2 ½ years after the installation, it was great see that the customer was extremely happy with this system”