A-B-T Flow BV specify Contrec’s 515 flow computer with Venturi tubes for gas allocation in the Netherlands

gas allocation

Gas Allocation in the Netherlands

When ABT BV in the Netherlands were approached by NAM (Nederlandse Aardolie Maatschappij) a joint venture between Shell and ExxonMobil to provide a solution to allocate gas production, they chose Venturi tubes as the flow technology to work with Contrec 515 flow computers.

The application was to measure natural gas coming out of various wells, NAM needed to monitor the production of gas from each well along with measurement of the gas distribution from each of the various minefields owned by different oil companies. These are then distributed to pipelines leading onshore and therefore individual gas allocation was crucial

The Venturi is an ISO 5167 standardised flow element, which generates a differential pressure over the Venturi proportional to the flow rate. Using additional pressure and temperature transmitters wired in to the Contrec 515, this allow for the 515 to calculate pressure and temperature compensation, in this application the SGERG gas calculation was used which is incorporated in to the 515 Flow Computer..

ABT selected the Contrec 515 due to its thorough testing and its approval for TAMAP which is Shells global vendor list. The Contrec 515 flow computer has now become the one of the accepted standards for class 3 gas allocation metering.