1010CJ Honeywell Load Computer

Intelligent Loading System

The Honeywell 1010 CJ Load Computer is a powerful and intelligent loading system, capable of simultaneously controlling the load procedure on a maximum of four arms.

The 1010 CJ is designed for loading gantries of petroleum refineries and oil marketing terminals, to manage the custody transfer of petrochemical products onto road tankers, railcars, aircraft and barges. The Load Computer makes standard provision for all measurement and control functions for the loading/unloading of products such as fuel, chemicals, bitumen, asphalt, LPG, etc. Utilising numerous functions, including flow measurement with pulse verification to API and ISO standards, temperature and volume correction and digital valve control. The 1010 CJ also delivers advanced functionality such as configurable I/O, touch key card readers and ‘Smart’ Additive connectivity to Honeywell Enraf injection systems.

The model 1010CJ has advanced flow measurement and control functions, with precision flow measurement including pulse verification to API standards.

• Digital valve control
• Additive control outputs
• Pump demand outputs with programmable delays
• Overfill/Ground Input/Vapor Rec.
• Programmable Permissive Inputs
• Programmable Outputs (Alarms)
• Programmable Inputs (Pause/
• Emergency Stop
• Configurable I/O

The digital valve control output enables the flow profile to be programmed to ramp up at the start of the load and to ramp down prior to the end of the load.

With our field proven fine-tuning algorithm, accurate control of flow rate is ensured for all major brands of digital control valves.

Five point linearity correction will ensure that flow signals from a wide range of flow meters will be measured with high accuracy.

Three isolated communication ports (Port1: RS232/422/485; Port2: 232/485; Port3: 232/485, can be used to communicate with Terminal Automation Systems, SMART additive controllers, NexWatch card reader and printers.

Isolated communication ports provide high immunity in noisy environments.

The 1010 features a powerful diagnostics mode that simplifies commissioning and fault-finding. In this mode, each input and output can be individually tested or activated to ensure that the wiring and interface is correct, prior to running a complete load.

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