Contrec 505 – FC04

Analogue Input Flow Computer, Tailored for Mass Flow Meters

The 505 FC04 application pack is a rate totaliser for the measurement of a product. It uses the 4-20 mA analog output from a mass flowmeter.

The flow computer displays the flow rate, resettable total and the accumulated total in the units of measure according to the purchase order.

The analog input can be scaled as well as having filtering, square law or non-linear correction and cutoff points applied to the signal.

A freely programmable “user value” on the main menu can serve as a setpoint for the 4-20mA output or as an operator identifier to be logged.


To derive the flow rate, the analog input is normalised to a value (A) between 0 and 1.
mass flow = (Mf max – Mf min)A + Mf min mass = ∫( massflow × Δt )