Load Computer

The 1010A is a powerful and intelligent loading system designed to manage the loading of petroleums and chemicals onto road tankers, rail cars and barges.

The 1010A offers the advantages of a robust explosion proof enclosure, large dot matrix display and alphanumeric keyboard. The 1010A can handle simultaneous loading on up to 4 arms.

The large backlit dot matrix LCD will display up to four separate totals as well as showing preset values, flowrates, operator prompts, and other operational information.

The 1010A also features an integrated Touch Key reader and an isolated RS485 communications port which eliminates the problems of earth loops and reduces electrical noise.


The Model 1010A is available with a range of Applications Packs, consisting of application software and hardware designed to meet the specific requirements of:

Standard petroleum loading
Loading aircraft refuelling trucks
Railcar loading
Chemical loading
Bitumen & asphalt loading
Chinese & other language displays
In addition, Contrec has developed a number of special Application Packs to meet the needs of customers in different countries or where non- standard requirements exist.

Communication protocols include the Contrec SLIP protocol for reliable and secure transmission of data, as well as an industry standard protocol (TOPS) which enables the two arm version of the 1010A to directly replace other electronic presets.