Trac 40 Truck Register

Truck Register Contrec Trac – 40 Electronic Truck Register

In truck applications where electronic registers must be able to operate in adverse conditions, the Trac -40 offers an economical solution for flow measurement and control.

Designed to operate with turbine, positive displacement or coriolis flowmeters, the Trac -40 meets the requirements for custody transfer of liquids throughout the world.

Based on Contrec’s 400 Series instruments, the Trac- 40 includes:

  • Rugged facia and switches
  • Robust Connector
  • Backlit Display
  • Mounting Feet
  • Conformal coated electronic assemblies similar to those used by the military
    Specifically designed for truck installations, the Trac- 40 is a register that will survive in the toughest of environments for electronics.